The Wild Way

We believe Nature is the greatest medicine. It’s the antidote to the stress of our modern lives.

Nature is a sacred place of rejuvenation, of healing, of discovery. A place to unplug so you can connect with your body, your mind, and your surroundings.

We’ve felt the healing effects of Nature first-hand. And heard the call to show others the power of the Wild.

How clear and quiet your mind can be away from the city noise. How open spaces can open your heart, and gives you the space to find your true self. How walking the hills and valleys outside can connect you to your inner nature.

For us, going into Nature feels like coming home. Hiking trails and outdoor adventures are the path to greater health and self discovery. It’s where we form connections, and experience moments of awe. Time in Nature boosts our wellbeing and teaches us lessons that reinvigorate our approach to city life.

About Nicola

My Story

Nicola was born in Amsterdam in 1984. She has lived a wild life. But her love of Nature is the common thread that’s tied it all together. Because for Nicola, going into Nature always feels like coming home.In her youth, Nicola could often be found playing outside and camping and hiking with her family in the Vinkeveense Plassen and the Scottish highlands.

When Nicola was fourteen, she became seriously ill and was later diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

When Nicola was fourteen, she became seriously ill and was later diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Her doctors prescribed Prednisone surgery to implant a stoma, meaning that Nicola would have been dependent on medication and stuck with this terrible disease for life. But her mother and Mother Nature came to the rescue. Nicola’s mom took her to a naturopathic therapist who advised that she completely change her life by embracing the Wild Way. She was extremely lucky to have found ways to manage her Crohn's disease through a combination of healthy food, connection with nature, and harnessing the positive effects that arise when the body and mind are in balance. This has allowed her to live symptom-free for 23 years now.

At seventeen, Nicola started working as an international model, flying all over the world for high-fashion castings and shoots.

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“Throughout my travels, I found myself craving an adventure in Nature. Tapping back into my natural roots has always been a consistent and reliable way to ground myself and reconnect with the things that are truly important.”

Unleash Your Nature

Time with Mother Earth allows us to embrace our inner child.It’s all about breaking away from the serious stuff to have a little fun.

We create joyful experiences in Nature, like:

Gorgeous hikes that end in a starlit rave.
Foraging for forest goodies.
Splashing in waterfall pools.
Crafting with natural elements to make things like baskets or a bow and arrow.
Natural dying workshops.

Nurture Your True Self

You won’t find a comfy cotton wool existence out there in Nature. The Wild is tough. It’s real. And that’s the whole point. The challenges you’ll face show you what you’re really made of. There’s no better way to discover your true nature.

Come with us on a journey to supercharge your personal growth. To overcome fear and prove you can do more than you think.We offer challenges that allow you to tap into your primal power, strengthen your mind, and improve your self-confidence.

Ice bath hikes
Breath-work training
Cacao ceremonies
Sweat lodges
Herbal medicine workshops

Sustainable Connections

Nature connects us all. And we’re all connected to it.

Be kind to each other

We believe that Nature should be accessible to everyone. It’s the perfect way to tap into our ancestral roots and form deep connections with other people. We create inspiring events that are accessible to everyone. It’s a great way to meet and bond with cool people. Whether you’re solo, with friends, or colleagues - this is the wild way of forging lasting connections.

Be kind to our earth

We are always mindful of our connection to the planet. And it’s this ideology of interconnectedness with Nature that frames our approach to everything we do.


Upcoming events

All of our events combine play, self-empowerment, and connection with ourselves in the natural world.

From hikes to silent discos under the forest canopy. Mountainbiking and painting sessions. Ice baths and Cacao ceremonies. Breathwork sessions and retreats abroad.


Brush & Trek: Mindful Art Adventures x Wild Way

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Brush & Trek: Mindful Art Adventures x Wild Way
10:00 - 17:00
De Hoorneboeg

Dig Deeper X Wild Way

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Dig Deeper X Wild Way
10:00 - 13:15

Ice Bath & Breathwork X Wild Way

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Ice Bath & Breathwork X Wild Way

Choose your adventure

If its an event in nature, we can help you.

All of our events combine play, self-empowerment, and connection with ourselves in the natural world.


Looking to create a custom event?

We organise bespoke events and experiences out in Nature. Create a unique event for your team, client, or customers.

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Want to join an Influencer Excursion?

Searching for the perfect setting for your next big viral post? Nature is the best studio.

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Wild Way Stories

Thoughts, musings, and stories about living life the Wild Way.

In these articles, we cover topics such as body-mind connection, mindfulness in nature, self development, Naturopathy, and our latest adventures.

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