10:00 - 17:00
De Hoorneboeg

Dig Deeper X Wild Way

€85 p.p. (with vegan lunch)
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Nature's Magic: An Inspiring and Adventure-Filled Day of Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Business, and Reconnecting with the Outdoors

Clear description of activity:

Wild Way and Mavin Magazine are teaming up for an event that's sure to be wild, in the best way possible! Get ready for a day of inspiration, information, and activation as we work together to make the world a better place. Join us for an inspiring, adventurous day filled with entrepreneurs who managed to successfully create (sustainable) business from working with nature. 

Discover the potential of nature through the eyes of artists, entrepreneurs, activists, and writers. Enjoy a delicious plant-based lunch, meet like-minded people and go home with a goodie bag filled with sustainable goodies.

Description of the event more detailed:

Looking for an adventure that's out of this world? Come join us at De Hoorneboeg on January 9 for a day filled with fun, learning, and magic! This beautiful estate is nestled between stunning heathland and impressive forests, and is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and discover all that it has to offer.

Throughout the day, you'll have the chance to explore the miraculous world of plants, mushrooms, and soil life with inspiring speakers who are experts in their fields. From entrepreneurs who have found success by working with nature to microbiologists, wild pickers, and naturopaths, you'll learn all about how nature can provide us with sustenance, medicine, and even solutions to environmental problems. Unlock the secrets of the great outdoors with our 'Nature as a source of power for the body” , hike/ foraging.

Learn how Mother Nature is a powerhouse of healing as we hunt for wild plants that will nourish our bodies from the inside out.

And if that's not enough, we've also got The Pollinators on hand to shed light on the importance of biodiversity and how they're helping out hardworking bees and butterflies. Plus, a renowned chef will be cooking up a delicious vegan lunch to keep you fueled up for all the fun.

After a day filled with learning and adventure, unwind with a soothing and intimate piano concert by Marko Ivic. And when the day comes to an end, we won't send you home empty-handed! You'll get a goodie bag filled with beautiful products from sustainable brands worth 35 euros.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to nurture your true self with Wild Way x Mavin Magazine. Sign up now and let the magic begin!

De Hoorneboeg

Nature's Oasis: The Hoorneboeg Experience, in the Heart of the Forest and on the Edge of the Hilversumse Hei

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De Hoorneboeg

5 HoorneboegHilversum, NH, 1213 RE Netherlands


By train

Station Hilversum and Hollandsche Rading are the closest. From there you can break off the last part to De Hoorneboeg with an OV bicycle, a taxi or the bus. There is a large (and free) parking lot at Hollandsche Rading station – useful if you want to pick up others and/or carpool the last bit. It is then only a 5-minute drive to De Hoorneboeg.

Public transport bicycle

The OV-fiets is super handy. From Hilversum station you can cycle to De Hoorneboeg in 15 minutes and from Hollandsche Rading station it is even closer.

Taxi and Uber

A taxi ride from Hilversum or Hollandsche Rading station is a good option if you don't want to cycle the last part or the bus doesn't run (often) (like on Sundays). A taxi ride from Hilversum station takes about 10 minutes. Or call an Über: depending on when you want to come, this costs about €10. 


Bus lines and times change now and then. The best way to check them is via 9292. Double check this especially on Sundays and public holidays.

These stops are the closest:

1. Stop Hoorneboeg on Utrechtseweg, at the beginning of the driveway (travel time from Hilversum station approx. 10 minutes). From here you walk about 10 minutes on a beautiful, quiet and paved road to De Hoorneboeg. In the dark the best option. Not always in use on Sundays and public holidays.

2. Stop 'Zonnestraal' on Landgoed Zonnestraal near Nieuw Loosdrecht (travel time from Hilversum station approx. 15 minutes). From here you can walk in 15 minutes through the forest and over the heath to De Hoorneboeg.


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Day 1


Welcome word by de Hoorneboeg space for inspiration 


Mavin magazine, platform for socially conscious content, talk by Joost Rutte; partner at Mavin


Creative activism; the engine of major social changes, talk by Jamie Nee;  Creator, activist, microbiologist 


Nature as a medicine for Chrohn’s disease, talk by Nicola Dow; Author, entrepreneur, model & naturopath


The paint as an alternative to meat + plant-based lunch, talk by Ian Veuger; Chef & entrepreneur


Hike/ workshop; Nature as a source of power for the body, by Louis van der Kolk; Herbal medicine teacher & entrepreneur 


The importance of Biodiversity, talk by Tom van de Beek; The Pollinators 


The forgotten fruits of nature, talk by Yurio Sijben & Joas Mann; Heuvellands


Live concert; Connection with your body and mind by Marko Ivic; Musician 


Meet like-minded people and expand your network, network drink.



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